October 26

The Importance of Attribution and Licensing

Activity 1

Attribution is telling your viewers where you got information, picture, music, or video from. To give and attribution to an author, you give the title, the author, the source, and lastly the license. An author uses a license so other people can’t copy their work without giving them an attribution. You should always give an attribution to an author when putting information, a picture, music, or a video because you are giving credit to them since you are using their media.

Activity 2

Winter Is Coming

The chipmunk, storing his nuts

For Winter is soon to come

Hibernation is what he does

To sleep the winter away

White, grey, and fuzzy

For when winter will come

Will make him very comfy

But for now, he shall eat


nature-animal-grey-outdoor by Noah D. Wilke is licensed under CC0 License


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