September 26

About Me

Hi, I am Parker and this post will be about me in alphabetical form. My favorite fruits are apples and bananas. I never get c’s in school, and my favorite animal is a dog.  I liked looking at the solar eclipse, but it seemed so far away. I had to wear glasses to see it. Most days I enjoy staying home because I get to relax. When it is hot outside I like to eat ice-cream. It also is cold, unlike jalapeños, and I don’t like spicy foods. The key to reading books is to like what your reading. My favorite book is the “Series Of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket. There is also a movie, and it is on Netflix. I like to overachieve in school, and after school I enjoy doing photography. I quickly get ready in the morning so I have more time before school. I don’t talk much in the morning because I get up early and I’m not much of a morning person. One of my hobbies is to play video games. When I’m not playing video games l sometimes like to hike in the woods. I’ve never injured myself that badly, so I’ve never gotten an x-ray. This year I want to try to eat healthier to be more fit.  Maybe I could even try zucchini.

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