March 19

The Lion King Hero

My hero is my dad. He is my hero because of three reasons that relate to characters in ¨The Lion King¨. The first reason is that he is Caring. He always cares for me like Nala does for Simba. The next reason is that he is smart. If I have trouble learning something, he can help me, like Mufasa teaches Simba about the kingdom. The last reason is that he is trustworthy. I can trust him to do something, like everyone trusted Simba to save them from Scar being the king. I love my dad very much and this is why he is my hero.

December 12

My Past and Future Vacations

A lot of times for vacation in the summer I go to a beach somewhere like Florida, but I’ve been on vacations in the winter as well. One of my favorite trips is to Chicago, and I go there at any time of the year.

One of my most recent vacations was to Chicago to visit family. I talked about this a little in my last post, but there are many other things I do there besides from Thanksgiving. When I go to Chicago, I stay there for about 3 to 4 days. I walk around a lot, so I get to see lots of cool things. One of my favorite things to see is the city from above on the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier. There are lots of places to eat as well. My favorite place to eat is a breakfast place called Ann Sather that has giant cinnamon rolls. (More about Ann Sather)

In the summer, I love going to Florida. I love swimming at the beach and the pools. When I went to Florida one year, I stayed in big condo, I swam in the pool and the ocean a lot. Another time I went to Florida, I went to Orlando, and went to Universal Studios. That was one of my favorite trips of all time. I went to Cape Cod for the first time last summer, but it was a lot colder than Florida, so I didn’t go in the ocean because of that and there were sharks and seals. (More about Universal Studios)

In the future, I’d love to go to Florida again, since I love swimming. I’ve been there before, so I’d be familiar with the state, and I could even go to different places and do more fun things. Another place I would like to go to is Mexico, because there are lots of beautiful beaches. Florida – Beach – 23 June 2017 by BABS on Flickr

December 4

The Progress On My Project

If you haven’t read my first blog discussing my project, you should read that first. I think I am doing pretty well with this project, but at the same time, I feel like I could be doing a little bit more. Last week, I finished the basic outline of my book, and I know all the chapters that will be in the book. I have started writing the book, so I’m on schedule with that, but I haven’t done a lot so far, so I least think I can do a little more.

Right now, I need to think about December goals for this month. I hope to get at least 5-10 chapters done by the end of December. Right now I am planning to have 24 chapters. I am very exited, and I am very happy to be doing this project.

Happy by Franklin Hunting from Flickr

November 29

My Favorite Holidays

There are many different holidays each year, but there are only three of my favorites. These are my three favorite holidays throughout the year, and the traditions I do on each of them. (Holidays in the U.S.)

My third favorite holiday is thanksgiving. On thanksgiving we get a 5 day break off school, and I have a thanksgiving dinner during that long weekend. Just recently it was thanksgiving, and I went to Chicago, which I did the last year too, since some of my family lives there. When I go to Chicago, I have my thanksgiving dinner there, and I go to the McDonald’s thanksgiving day parade and The Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo. (More about the Zoo Lights)For What We're About To Receive raymondclarkeimages via Compfight

My second favorite holiday is Halloween. Every year I go trick or treating with friends around my neighborhood, and my birthday is right before Halloween. Before Halloween, I pick out my costume. I do a new costume each year. Sometimes I will make my own costume, and sometimes I will buy one from a store.

My number one favorite holiday is Christmas. I do everything for Christmas during Winter Break, which is two weeks off school. Every year, right before thanksgiving, my mom and dad put up the Christmas decorations, and take them down after Christmas. Around Christmas I have Christmas dinner with both sides of my family, but my mom’s side of the family comes up for Christmas at my house, and we go to my grandparent’s house for the other dinner. When my family comes up we make cookies and open presents.  IMPORTANT!!! DO HYPERLINKS!!!

November 13

The History of The NBA

At school, we are doing a 20% project, which is where you take 20% of your time to work on this project where people benefit from your project. My project is a book called “The History of the NBA”. In my book I will talk about things like how the NBA started, championships, best players, fun facts and more.

I am feeling exited on my project because I love the NBA and learning about it. I’m also feeling kind of nervous because I don’t know how much people will like it, and if they will even buy it.

One of my major goals is to get the book done by February 20th, 2018. I want to get about 30 to 50 books sold, I don’t have an exact time, but probably around the time of April. I will have to achieve these goals by printing the book, will probably be a little after I’m finished with the book. To get the money to print the book, I am planning on doing chores for family and community.

See my visual aide for more information.

November 13

What School Is Like For Me

school bus by Patxi Moraleda via flicker

I start school by going to the bus stop at 7:00 AM. I get to Homeroom by 7:35 after I get off the bus. In Homeroom, we get our Chromebooks, (more information on Chromebooks), and we do an online program called Rosetta Stone. Most kids learn Spanish on it, but some continue Japanese since they did it last year in 5th grade. At 7:55, I go to my first period class, which is Math, but the subject is different for other people, just depending on what they have next. I leave Math Class at 8:44, and go to my locker to get the stuff I need for my next two classes. Then I go my second period, which is Science. I stay in Science until 9:32, and I go to my third period class, which is Social Studies. I leave social studies at 10:22, and I go to my locker again to get the stuff I need for the next two periods. For fourth period I have PBL, or Project Base Learning, and stay there until 11:11, then go to my last core class, which is English/Language Arts. At my school your homeroom is your fifth period class, so my English/Language Arts teacher is also my Homeroom teacher. At 11:55, English/Language Arts ends, and we go to lunch. We come back from lunch at about 12:25, and at 12:30, I go to our advisory class, the class time we use to work on homework. At 12:53, I go to my sixth period class, which is my first unified arts class. Sixth and seventh period will change over the school year, so we can do all our unified arts classes. At the time of making this I have Careers for sixth period, and at 1:42, I go to my seventh period which is HAVPA. If you don’t know what HAVPA is, click here. At 2:27, we take our Chromebooks back to Homeroom so they can charge for the night, and go back to seventh period until 2:35, and we go pack our backpacks and get on the bus to go back home.

Clock needle pointing in between one and twoCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

A normal year of sixth grade would have about 175 days. The school year starts out warm at the end of the summer, and then it goes into fall, winter, and spring. We have 5 class changes over the school year, but they only affect the unified arts classes. The first one was on October fourth, it changed to the second grading term. Then on November 28th, there will be the third grading term. The fourth grading term is January 31st, and the fifth is March 26th until the school year ends on May 23rd.

November 8

My Top Three Favorite Subjects In School (That I Have Done)

Most subjects in school I like, but some I think are boring, or not fun. These are my top three favorite subjects in school.

At number three, my third favorite subject is HAVPA,(more on HAVPA) which is a class where you learn about the history of the arts. I love art, and I like learning about the history, going back to the first people on the Earth. We get to create artwork that relates to the history we are talking about, like making a cave painting about something that would relate to us. At the time of making this post, we are learning about the Romans, and how they expressed themselves with art.

At number two, my second favorite subject is Art. As I said before, I love art. My favorite part about art is doing the artwork. In elementary school we learned about all the the different kinds of arts,(different kinds of art) and we got to do a lot of them. My favorite kind of art is drawing, because I am the most skilled at it.

At number one, my first favorite subject is Science. It is very interesting learning about all different kinds of things. My favorite things in Science are space and the universe. My favorite part of science is doing experiments, because they are fun. I think it is very easy, and would be very easy for anyone to learn.Stack of old books.jpgCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

November 6

Comment Challenge

Hi Alex,
I really liked that you like art, because I also like art. I like also like to work hard in school as well, but my favorite subject in school is science. I was wondering what other hobbies you like outside of school.
Here is my blog if you want to check it out.
Sincerely, Parker

I chose to read this persons blog because it seemed interesting. I can relate to this author because I like art and to work hard in school as well. I left the comment because I want to know more about other hobbies he likes outside of just school.

October 30

Halloween Story and Picture Story

end of the journey dotpolka via Compfight

Activity 3

The Cruise of Fright

Tony and Bob were packing for a cruise, one of the nicest cruises is South Carolina. They were just getting ready to leave, when Tony’s brother called out to them. “You forgot your shirt!”, Tony’s brother, Max, said in a low voice. Tony and Bob figured he was sick since his voice sounded different than normal. “Which shirt?”, said Tony. “One I thought would be comfortable for you”, said Max back to Tony.

Tony and Bob ran up the walkway to the cruise ship. White and glossy, nothing like they’ve ever seen before. They could see why the ship was called the “Pearl”. The captain met them at the door. The captain looked very dirty, dust all over his shirt, and his shirt had a rip in it. Face pale like a zombie. Tony and Bob didn’t say anything and walked in.

Tony and Bob sat down at their table. Tony got a root beer, and Bob got a Diet Coke. The ship stated moving, but after a while, the water felt bumpy, like there wasn’t much water at all. Tony and Bob didn’t feel it though because they fell asleep. They were in a deep sleep, and the water wouldn’t be enough to wake them.

All of the sudden the boat stopped, and made a very loud noise, that sounded like a bird dying mixed with horn blowing. Tony woke up, but he didn’t see bob. The boat was very rusted and looked very old, and the bottom was stuck in the sand. From where tony was sitting he could see everything in the boat, and when he looked out the window he saw Bob, but he was lying in the sand, not moving. Tony thought he was sleeping, but as got closer his face looked as pale as a zombie. Tony could see it now. Bob was dead.

You come up with an ending for the story! Write it in the comments.

Activity 4

Bee in Honeysuckle Todd Petit via Compfight

Your Daily Bumble Bee Kenneth Spencer via Compfight

Bumble Bee Todd Petit via Compfight

bee! Kelly Criscuolo-DeButts via Compfight

Ivy BeeCreative Commons License Charlie Jackson via Compfight

October 26

The Importance of Attribution and Licensing

Activity 1

Attribution is telling your viewers where you got information, picture, music, or video from. To give and attribution to an author, you give the title, the author, the source, and lastly the license. An author uses a license so other people can’t copy their work without giving them an attribution. You should always give an attribution to an author when putting information, a picture, music, or a video because you are giving credit to them since you are using their media.

Activity 2

Winter Is Coming

The chipmunk, storing his nuts

For Winter is soon to come

Hibernation is what he does

To sleep the winter away

White, grey, and fuzzy

For when winter will come

Will make him very comfy

But for now, he shall eat


nature-animal-grey-outdoor by Noah D. Wilke is licensed under CC0 License